The ekey dLine fingerprint scanner

Convenient access with fingerprint scanner

Turn your front door into a smart experience

ekey revolutionizes building access with the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner. You will experience a new feeling of comfort and enjoy more flexibility in everyday life.
You benefit from a digitized key ring and open your front door simply with your finger.

The ekey dLine offers you an intelligent access system that meets tomorrow’s needs today:

  • Keyless entry
  • Convenient remote opening
  • Automatic push notifications
  • Practical virtual assistant
  • and much more

Enter a new era of biometric access systems now!

The advantages of the ekey dLine fingerprint

Simply open the door with your finger – without a key, smartphone, code or card. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog urges you outside: Enjoy the freedom to just take off.

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ekey guarantees the highest standard in the security of its products against misuse and unauthorized access to the access system. Only authorized persons can open the door with the ekey fingerprint scanner. The ekey fingerprint scanner is 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit numerical code of an ATM card.

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With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can conveniently unlock the door with your smartphone while on the move. This way you can open the door for your handyman even if you are still on your way home. Spontaneously unlock for your friend to lend him the pressure washer – even if you are on vacation. Be sure you can let someone into the house if necessary.

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No more uncertainty! You will automatically receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the door has been opened with the fingerprint scanner. This is handy in many everyday situations, but especially with children. Thanks to the push notification, you can be sure that your child got home from school safe and sound.

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You’re expecting friends to visit, but you’ve got your hands full right now. You don’t have to rush to the door when the bell rings. A quick “Alexa, open the door!” is all it takes and your guests can enter the house. To do this, simply connect the ekey fingerprint scanner to the Alexa virtual assistant from Amazon.

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Receive a greeting when you get home! The ekey system in connection with the virtual assistant Amazon Alexa welcomes you into your own four walls. A unique feeling of comfort at the front door!

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Anyone who builds or renovates a house is faced with many decisions. Often not all wishes can be fulfilled immediately. However, this is not a problem for the ekey system, since functions and devices can be added at a later date. Users can be stored, temporarily disabled or deleted.

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With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you can define access authorization for each person individually. For example, you can define specific days and times when your dog sitter or household help will have access. You define and manage all permissions via app and keep track of who came at what time.

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No more worrying about your kids, parents or neighbors losing a key. With an ekey fingerprint scanner, you no longer need to pass on your key, because you simply authorize those people who need access to your home. Lost keys are a problem of the past.

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Features ekey dLine


  • Intuitive administration with smartphone
  • Open with fingerprint scanner
  • Open with smartphone near the door
  • Firmware updates
  • Remote administration of authorizations
  • Data backup of the device configuration
  • Access log (enable/disable as well as delete)
  • Remote support
  • Number of users in the standard: 20
  • Expandable up to 100 users1
  • Number of relays in the door: 1
  • Remote opening/access2
  • Push notifications when the door is opened2
  • Amazon Alexa virtual assistant
  • Set up Amazon Alexa Routines
  • Finger synchronization
  • Up to 5 fingerprint scanners in one system
  • Smart home connectivity with HTTPS requests
  • Simple device exchange

Coming soon

  • ekey bionyx API
  • BAB TECHNOLOGIE APPMODULE with KNX functionality
  • Local mode
  • Time slots (e.g. person X: access Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

¹ subject to a charge
² now free of charge

The ekey bionyx app

The ekey dLine is managed using the ekey bionyx app. You can import new firmware updates via the app and thus always be up to date with the latest technology. You will benefit from the constant further developments and new features.

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Technical details

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For B2B customers

Are you a door manufacturer and would like to include the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner in your product range? We are pleased about your interest and are at your disposal with advice and support. Find out more now on our website or contact us by e-mail or telephone. Enter a new era of biometric access solutions with ekey!

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